Integrating The Old With The New
 E komo mai! Ola I Ka Pono is a way a life we should strive for.  A process of becoming perfectly in tuned with our mind, body and spirit.  There are many techniques that one can use  to move forward on this path to "true health".  

     La'au Lapa'au or Hawaiian Medicine is the traditional way of healing with Ke Akua or God, herbs, minerals, food, water and other methods. 

    Lomilomi is body, mind, spirit work with Ke Akua, using ourselves as a way of healing. 

         By integrating La'au Lapa'au, Lomilomi, other traditional health and wellness practices as well as contemporary forms we are able to strive towards Ola I Ka Pono.

   Due to Covid, taking appointments Monday in Kailua and Fridays in Waialua
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Health in the True Order