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      La'au Lapa'au & Lomilomi & Learning  

La'au Remedies:                        $20 Donation recommended
Lomilomi                                    $75/hr.       
Kevin Only                                 $80/30 minutes 
(Outcalls)                                   $250/hr (minimum 2 hours)
Apprenticeship                         $500/10 days
     Don't turn anyone away because of money. Call and we can work something out.  

La'au Lapa'au Consultation & Remedies including but not limited to:
 - Stomach & liver Cleanses              - Liquid Fasts
- Herbal & other Remedies               - Spiritual guidance
- Detoxify                                            - Food evaluation
- Environment evaluation                
- Personal Evaluation                          

Dr. Ross Anderson, on the video "Can Death Begin in the Colon?", states that 8 out of 10 persons in North America are constipated to some degree.  If you have any of the following SYMPTOMS, your colon may be the PROBLEM causing these SYMPTOMS:

Acne     Allergies           Aching or Sore Joints               High Blood Pressure                Bad Breath
Skin Problems                   Constipation                           Impotence                              Depression                 Diarrhea                      Difficulty Losing Weight                   Cellulite                              Poor Memory              Fatigue                            Frequent Colds                       Gas/Bloating                                 PMS               Headaches / Migraines        Indigestion                              Hair Loss                             Nervousness           Insomnia                            Low Sex Drive                        Low Energy                            to name a few                                                     
Health challenges result from many reasons such as unhealthy diets, lack of exercise, drug and alcohol use, smoking, pollution, malnutrition, high stress, inadequate rest, a holistic approach is needed.  There is no one way to do a heal all quick treatment  but a combination of methods are needed.  We help provide you the means and teach you the skills to heal yourself.  We want you to reach Ola I Ka Pono.

As with all traditions we need to continue our lineage and knowledge of our cultural practices.  We provide "hands on" learning that will enrich and foster a harmonious work environment.  We are always open to folks wanting to come and learn. This teaching takes place 5 days a week at various times and locations.  Please contact us if you are interested in participating on this journey with us to learn our cultural practices of La'au Lapa'au and Lomilomi!
Health in the Perfect Order