Our Practice
    The La'au Lapa'au used is based on the teachings of Kahuna Levon Ohai.   He was a well sought-after practitioner in Hawaii and also traveled to spread this way of healing to other countries.  He taught both native Hawaiian methods and other practices he learned along the way.  In the 1800's, the first written records of foreign sailors arriving in Hawaii, described the people as being the healthiest they had ever seen, not only physical but also by their happiness, kindness and love for their gods, nature, each other, and themselves.  It was the "aloha" spirit in it's truest form.  We want to go back to that style of living.
     Deep tissue and clinical massage is a type of massage used to help those with muscle, ligament, tendon, Myofascial pain ailments. 

     Lomilomi is another traditional way of Hawaiian healing.  There are many types of Lomilomi practiced throughout Hawaii and the world.  Kahuna Alva Andrews Lomilomi can be traced back 500 years ago, through the lineage of the "Pia" Ohana .  His philosophy, which he taught at his clinic, Pa Ola, emphasizes a mixture of Lua or Hawaiian Martial Arts and Eastern Martial Arts.  This variation emphasizes in helping put people back  into correct posture physically, at the same time helping client to be pono in mind, heart and spirit. Lastly when client is ready, use of oil massage with long strokes is added to session.  Kahuna Alva taught with all these areas being of importance:  pressure points,  blood oxygenizing, circulation, stretching, energy, spiritual, mental, emotional, cleansing and restoration , lymphatic drainage, kuka kuka or talking people to health, as well as bone setiting to its natural state.     

     The combination of the La'au Lapa'au and the Lomilomi are powerful tools that can be used to help create a balance of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  Remedies are prepared from natural substances to precise standards and work by stimulating the body's own healing power.  Healing time and results vary according to the desire of the patient.  We can only show you the path to take but it is up to you to follow it.  We are honored to join you in your journey to Ola I Ka Pono.   

Health in the Perfect Order
(Kahuna Ohai)
                                                            (Kahuna Alva)